Building your fundraising page in five minutes!

If you're taking on a challenge to defeat dementia then you can build a special Ricoh online fundraising page in five minutes. Follow our guide below to create your own. 

Once you've made your page simply click 'Join an existing team' and choose your site number to make sure you fundraising goes towards your site’s target!

create page


Update your page photo

To personalise your page and make it instantly recognisable, you can upload your own photo. To add a photo just click Update Page Photo.


Set your sponsorship goal

Show your supporters how much you want to raise. Remember, every £20 raised will fund an hour of world-class dementia  research. To set your goal, just click on My Goal on the black bar. We suggest a minimum target of £300 to encourage friends and family to donate generously to make a difference to dementia research.


Share your page

Tell everyone how you are helping to make dementia a thing of the past by fundraising for Alzheimer's Research and how they can help by sponsoring your efforts. By clicking the blue Share box you can post your page to Facebook or Twitter, or send it via email. 


Personalise your page

You can change the name and address of your page to make it even more personal by clicking on the Edit this Supporter Page.


Join a team

To be added to your office team, click Join existing team.


Tell your story

Raise awareness by telling your supporters more about how you are fundraising for Alzheimer's Research.  Update your story by clicking Edit Story.


Update your supporters

Post updates to your supporters on your progress.  You can  even post photos too. Just type in the Post an update box.


We really want everyone to enjoy fundraising for Alzheimer's Research and raising money to fund groundbreaking research striving for ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and, ultimately, cure dementia.

Start fundrasing today and create your page HERE

If you need any help with using your fundraising page, or if you would like more tips on how to raise more money, call us on 01223 896605 or email

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