What is dementia?

As well as affecting those diagnosed, dementia is heart-breaking for the carers and loved ones of those living with the condition. Early symptoms can include memory loss, difficulties with language and personality changes, and as dementia becomes worse people often lose the ability to walk or move, lose control of their bowels, and in the letter stages often can’t swallow.

These symptoms are caused by diseases of the brain which cause brain cells to stop communicating and die. As more and more brains cells die, people with dementia struggle with more and more tasks.

Share the Orange

Dementia is now the UK’s biggest killer. As the only global top 10 cause of death with no treatment to slow, delay or cure the underlying diseases, it is our greatest medical challenge. Less than a quarter of the population recognise that dementia is driven by diseases in the brain and that research can fight it. It means three quarters of us are giving into dementia, believing it to be just a part of ageing.

To help change that, and to fight misunderstanding, please watch and share this film about an orange.

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